How many chromosomes would be present in the sperm cells of a mosquito?

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The diploid or 2n number of chromosomes for mosquites in the Culcidae family is 6. This refers to the number of chromosomes found in each of their body cells. Another type of of mosquito called Chagasia bathana has a diploid number of 8. When sperm cells are produced, a special type of reduction division takes place in the testes, known as meiosis. The end result of meiotic division is for every teste cell undergoing this type of cell division, four haploid sperm cells are produced. Haploid is half the number of chromsomes as compared to body cells. For the Culcidae family, this means 3 chromosomes and for the Chagasia bathana species, 4 chromosomes.

nancy167 | Student

The somatic cell of an organism undergo mitosis cell division in which the number of chromosomes remains same. whereas the sex cells undergo meiosis and the resulting sperms/eggs contain haploid number of chromosomes.The diploid number of a cell is the count of the number of chromosomes in that cell. In contrast, the haploid number is half the number of chromosomes, or the set of chromosomes donated by one parent. The diploid number represents the total number of chromosomes donated by both parents.

The number of chromosomes in each cell of the mosquito would be 6 the diploid number. The number of chromosomes in the sperm cell is 3 the haploid number.

The entire family Culicidae has 2n chromosome number of 6. Excepting Chagasia bathana which has 2n=8.