How many children visit the factory?     

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In Roald Dahl's work of fictionCharlie and the Chocolate Factoryreclusive genius Willy Wonka has kept his business very secretive for many years. In order to stave off spies who might try to steal his recipes, Mr. Wonka shut off his factory from the outside world. One day, Mr. Wonka announces that he has placed golden tickets inside five candy bars, and whoever finds one has the privilege to visit inside the factory. The whole world is in uproar trying to get their hands on one of these tickets and the opportunity to see the inside of such a famous and mysterious candy factory.

As there are only five tickets, only five children are allowed into the Wonka Factory. The children who have found tickets are allowed to bring along a parent or guardian, which makes the total number of visitors ten. The children who find tickets (or have tickets found for them) are Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee, and Charlie Bucket. 

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