How Many Cells Are In The Human Body?

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There is no definite answer as age, health, diet, or environmental factors in general do affect the number of cells we have. A general estimate would be over trillions of cells.

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over a trillion different cells

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There is no accurate answer because we are constantly losing and regrowing more cells

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There are abut 37 trillion cells in our body. But it could vary.

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Some researchers thinks there is about 37.2 trillion cells in our body, but there really isn't an exact answer because scientists have different opinions. There are some scientists who believe that we have cells ranging from 48 trillion to 58 trillion. The thing with counting the cells though is they reproduce everyday, so it's hard to have an exact number.

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There are actually a couple theories ranging for how many cells are in the human body but we now for a fact there are at least 37 trillion cells as the Smithsonian states. But the number would never stay the same no matter how many cells are found in the human body since you lose and gain cells everyday. 

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That depends on where and who you get these facts from. The obvious fact is that it is over a trillion different cells because we lose cells everyday, but gain back cells everyday as well. So there isn't a set number. However, if you want a range, they can vary from 37.2 trillion cells.

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Depending on the source, that figure varies from 50 to 75 trillion cells.

Sources: Asimov, Isaac. The Human Body, New rev. ed., p. 79; New Encyclopaedia Britannica, vol. 6, p. 134; Van Amerogen, C. The Way Things Work Book of the Body, p. 13.

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