How many carbon atoms are there in 4.56 grams of ethanol (CH3CH2OH).

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The molecular formula of ethanol is CH3CH2OH. Each molecule of ethanol has 2 atoms of carbon. The molar mass of ethanol is 2*12 + 6*1 + 16 = 24 +6 +16 = 46 g/mole

As each mole of ethanol weighs 46 g, 4.56 g of ethanol is equivalent to 4.56/46 = 0.0991 moles.

Each mole of ethanol has 2 moles of carbon atoms. 0.0991 moles of ethanol has 0.1982 moles of carbon atoms.

As one mole is in the SI system refers to 6.022141*10^23 units, 0.1982 moles is equal to 1.193*10^23 units. Here the number of units is the number of carbon atoms.

The required number of carbon atoms in 4.56 grams of ethanol is 1.193*10^23.