How many calories should I eat everyday?

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It is incredibly varied depending on your lifestyle and even the kind of calories that you are eating.  There are people who are consuming up to 8-10000 calories per day, but they are endurance athletes like professional cyclists, riding their bike for 6 hours a day.  There are people who are healthy eating just 1500 calories per day because they aren't burning a lot of energy exercising or in their work so they don't need as much.

As the previous post stated, the recommendation from many sides is around 2000 calories per day, but it is really important to think about lifestyle and other things and not think that there is a magic number for everyone that will gaurantee health or fitness by limiting intake to that number of calories.

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Caloric consumption is highly individualized. The ADA (Am.Dietetic Assoc.) states that most adults should consume approximately 2,000 cal./day. In the U.S., a vast majority of people consume more than this every day. Determining factors of intake include gender, body frame, age, and activity level.

As a general rule, we need less calories per day as we get older, metabolism slows down a bit, as does activity level. However, some older adults lead a very active lifestyle and so caloric intake would vary. Also, people that do physically challenging work would need a higher amount of calories because they burn more than the person who sits at a desk all day. Activity level is probably the biggest determinant of caloric needs.

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The American Dietetic Association (ADA) recommends,, an overall  caloric intake of 2000 calories per day as a base number.   But this is a base number.  The actual ideal amount of calories necessary for good health is dependent on many factors  such as age, gender, weight,  as well as a person's level of activity.   

A main thing for anyone to remember, when striving to lose weight, is that he must consume fewer calories per day than he  is using up.  Mainly, but not exclusively, these calories are used through exercise.   The equation is as simple as that.