How many bones and muscles are there in the body?  

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are about 206 bones in the body of human adults. Twenty-six can be found in the spine and vertebrae; eight in the cranium; fourteen in the face; twenty-six in the ribs and sternum; seventy in the upper body; and sixty-two in the lower extremeties.

There are about 640 muscles found in the human body, with 320 identical pairs of bilateral muscles. Like the bones found in the body, muscles are also located in the upper and lower limbs, torso, and head and neck. Due to different ways of categorizing muscles, the total number can be as high as 820.

loraaa | Student

In the human body there are aprroximatly 656-850 muscles. The figure is not exact because some authorities don't agree about which muscles slip off larger ones and which are separate muscles. Also, there can be a big difference in the variability from one person to another. Also, in the human body there are 350 bones when you are first born but by the time your an adult some of your bones would have fused together to make only 206 bones. Read more:

ahmedrehan | Student

there are about 206 bones in the average adult body and  640 muscles

sid-sarfraz | Student

There are 206-207 bones in an adult where as 300-350 bones in an infant. Bones weigh less but performs important part in our body. It protects our vital organs, provides support, store minerals, and produce blood cells.

There are 700+ muscles in our body. Muscles main functions are movement of body and secondly maintenance of our body's posture and position.

taangerine | Student

There are 206 bones and 600+ muscles in the human body. 

givingiswinning | Student

206 bones and over 600 muscles

atyourservice | Student

There are 206 bones in an adult (300+ for babies, the bones fuse together as they get older) , and the amount of muscles in the human body is highly debated subject, some believer 650 and others believe more than 800. But one thing they do agree on is that there are over 600+ muscles.

hina0000 | Student

206 bones and 650 muscles

bhav2508 | Student

there are 206 bones and approximately 650 muscles.


ainsleyharris | Student

there are about 206 bones in the average adult body, and abouyt 640 muscles

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