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How many bones and muscles are in the human body?

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The human body does have 206 bones, however, if the sternum is counted as three then the human body would have 208 bones. When people have an abnormal number of bones it is usually due to vertebrae or ribs.

There are two systems of bones and these are the axial skeleton which is the body and the appendicular skeleton which are the limbs.

The number of muscles in the body depends on who you ask. The previous post is accurate. The reason there is some controversy over how many muscles there are in the human body is due to the fact that many experts argue about what constitutes a muscle.

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The adult human body contains 206 bones. This may vary from person to person, but as a rule, most people have 206.  At birth a newborn baby has over 300 bones in its body. The difference in numbers is due to the fusion of bones as an individual develops.

Most sites suggest that there are approximitly 639-640 skeletal muscles in the human body. There is some controversy regarding the number of muscles in the human body.  This is due to difficulty in determining how muscles are grouped and which are distinct muscles.  Some people suggest that there are between 656 and 850 muscles in the human body.

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sid-sarfraz | Student

There are 207 bones in an adult human body. While in infants there are more than 300 bones that join together with time during the process of Oscillation till they reach the total of 207 bones. Bones have many functions like bones provide support and protection to the body structure, Produces blood cells, stores minerals and lipids. 

Where as, there are nearly 700 muscles found in the body divided into three main categories; Visceral muscle, cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle.

atyourservice | Student

An adult has 206 bones while a new born child has 206 bones. As for the amounts of muscles there are many disagreements regarding the amount of muscles but many agree that there are over 600 numbers of muscles.

krishna-agrawala | Student

A grown up person including males and females have 206 bones. There is no variation in these bones except in cases of abnormalities.

Similarly the number of muscles in human body is fixed. However, there is no unique way of identifying each muscle in human body as a distinctly separate muscle. Also there is some variation in muscle structure of individuals. Because of these variation in method of classifying muscles different authorities and books may give slightly differing figure for total number of muscles in human body. Most of these authorities agree that human body has about 640 muscles. However some systems of muscle grouping classify as many as 850 muscles.