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There are 208 bones in the adult human body. We are born with more but these extra bones fuse together during childhood. Some sources will say that we have a slightly different number of bones in the body but this fluctuation is because of different counting methods that are used.

Here is a breakdown:

  • The skull contains of 28 bones which consist of cranial, facial, and ear bones.
  • There is one bone in the neck.
  • There are 26 vertebrae which consist of cervical, thorax, lumbar, and the sacrum and the coccyx.
  • There are a total of 30 bones in each of our arms and legs.
  • The hips have 2 bones.
  • The pectoral girdle has 4 bones.
  • There are 24 vertebral ribs, plus the sternum (3).
sid-sarfraz | Student

A human body contains 206-207 bones. Bones play an important part in the support and movement of our body. Bones are made of minerals, cells and protein fibers.

Our bones can be divided into two major categories:-

  • Axial skeleton (Body's mid-line axis including skull) (80 bones)
  • Appendicular skeleton (126 bones) (Upper and lower limbs, shoulder and pelvic gurdle)
is00 | Student

A new born baby contains 350 bones but the number diminishes to 206 as he/she grows up.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Human skeleton consists of 206 separate bones joined together by various joints. Size and appearance of various bones is determined by the anatomical function. The largest bone is the femur, with 50 centimeters and the smallest is the stapes (2.6 mm).

Bones can be divided into four main groups:

-long bones or cylindrical bones, they are elongated, slightly curved, they are designed to absorb shocks. In in this category enter leg bones, arm, fingers.

- short bones, (cubic) are rugged, thick: carpal and tarsus bones.

- irregular bones, that have different shapes and sizes, forming parts of the face and back.

- flat bones, ribs, skull, shoulder- they are shields of vital organs.

Human spine consists of 26 separate bones: vertebrae, they are joined by joints. The easiest joints are those in which an articular surface is sliding over another.

Human head consists of 29 bones. Neurocranium is composed of well-welded eight bones knit which are protecting the brain from external actions. Other 14 bone form the face (visceral skull ) in both ears there three hearing small ossicles, incus, malleus and stapes, and the last bone is the mandible.

Bones that form the thorax are 25. On the two sides are aligned, one below another, 12 pairs of long, curved ribs, and sternum is situated in the center.

Bones of scapular belt, the arm, forearm and hand are in number  of 64 bones.

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