How many administrators has the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had, and what initiatives did each have that affected change to the agency?

Since the TSA's founding in 2001, it's been led by seven different people, if you don't include those who were only "acting" leaders. The first was John Magaw. Magaw had a reputation for being too tough and too disorganized. After Magaw, came James Loy. Loy made it so all bags were screened. Following Loy was David M. Stone, Kip Hawley, John S. Pistole, Peter V. Neffenger, and David Pekoske. Each left their mark in their own way.

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The Transportation Security Agency was created during the George W. Bush administration after the attacks on September 11, 2001. Since its founding, the agency has been led by seven different people. You could say that it was led by several more if you include "acting" leaders—that is, leaders who were not officially confirmed by the United States Senate.

The first leader was John Magaw. Magaw’s tenure was controversial. He had what some called a "tough-cop" approach. His organizational skills and efficiency were routinely questioned. His preference for hiring former police officers and military personnel was also reprimanded. It was said he couldn't run a large organization and that he lacked the knowledge to tackle issues that specifically pertained to airports and airplanes.

Up next was James Loy. Loy's big achievement was screening all bags for bombs or explosives.

After Loy came David M. Stone. Before he was head of the TSA, Stone was the security director at Los Angeles International Airport.

Following Stone was Kip Hawley. Hawley was not well-liked by passengers. One of his main initiatives was to limit the amount of liquids people could bring on planes.

Now, let's discuss confirmed TSA heads under Barack Obama.

The first was John S. Pistole. He drew criticism for enhanced and aggressive pat downs. He also helped implement the full-body scanners that we see at airports.

After Pistole, our next confirmed TSA leader was Peter V. Neffenger. He helped better train TSA employees to help fix some blind spots in the screening process. He also set up an operations center so that TSA could better monitor security lines at airports.

The sole TSA head to be confirmed by the Senate under Donald Trump is David Pekoske. He's running the TSA right now. Pekoske is focused on integrating advanced technology into the airport security process, including 3D x-ray machines.

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