How can a manager use an understanding of perceptual selectivity to communicate more effectively with subordinates?

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This is a good question. A good manager can use any piece of knowledge to his or her benefit and to the benefit of the his or her team members. In light of this, a good manager will know that all people see things in a different way (perceptual selectivity), he or she will be able to gain different perspective on any given topic, project, or problem in view.

It is a truism that the more intelligent perspective you have, the better your business can be. This is especially so in a world that is moving so quickly - not to mention the growth of globalization and the intermixing of cultures.

In light of this, a manager should seek to cultivate an environment where people share their ideas with one another. There should be times of brainstorming and sharing strategies. This will produce many positive fruits. 


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