How is management information systems important to the four phases of strategic management?

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jraineharrison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The four phases of strategic management are prepare, plan, implement, and review.  Management information systems is important in each of these phases.  

In the prepare phase, the strategic management is in the development process.  Information systems can be used to align goals with existing organizational structure. Data is collected in this stage for needs analysis.  Information systems are used to collect data and utilize the data for analysis. 

In the plan phase, the vision of the objective is developed with objective phases and measures are developed and laid out. Information systems are used to systematize plan development.

What do we want to accomplish?
How will we get there? (University of Southern maine)

In the implement phase, information systems may be utilized to put the plan into place.  Systems may be used to communicate the ideas via email or an organizational intranet system. Information systems are used to manage and monitor the plan.

In the review phase, data on effectiveness is collected.  That data is analyzed and reported through management information systems.  Information can be better tracked through the use of databases and electronic reporting to discover areas where revision of the strategic plan is required.