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The tiger has been severed by the speeding train. Initially, the tiger is weakened from his confrontation with Baldeo.  Once cornered, the watchman attacks the tiger with an axe.  Once the tiger attacks him again, he is struck with the axe, almost through his body.  The axe is embedded within the tiger as he kills Baldeo.

At this point, the extent of the tiger's injuries are so strong and intense that he must rest a bit.  The tiger is in agonizing pain and extreme discomfort.  Once the tiger realizes that the train is bearing down on him, he recognizes the threat.  The tiger runs, but his running is nowhere near full speed given the extent of his injuries.  The tiger runs into the tunnel.  He does not run out of it.  As the train arrives at the next station, the driver of the train sees half of the tiger's body caught against the front of it.  The tiger's death is the embodiment of toughness and fortitude, qualities that Baldeo and Tembu also exhibit.

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