The Imaginary Invalid by Moliere

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How is male chauvinism portrayed in the setting of The Imaginary Invalid?

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I think that you could get more mileage from this in talking about where there is male chauvinism in the drama, in general.  The setting highlights this.  The opening of the drama is in Argan's home.  This is a traditional home setting where Argan is seen as an unquestioned force of male power.  He is assessing the hospital bills.  He is the one who is responsible for his daughter's alliance.  He is the one who "knows all."  Even though, Toinette is right in her assessment of his second wife, the setting has Argan as the source of all power.  This setting can indicate a penchant for male chauvinism because it does not really feature much in way of women having power or of women having a voice.  It does not feature much in way of women being able to experience equality with men.  The setting's initial standard, and one continued throughout the drama, is that women are subservient to men like Argan, who are the embodiment of power.  This might be where one could go in assessing how the setting of the drama features elements of power and something where male chauvinism can be seen.

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