How do you make a simple sentence? (Example: took - whales)  It's about simple sentences.   Please give answer in sentences.  

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A simple sentence is a direct expression that contains a subject (person or thing doing the action), a verb (an action being taken), and a completed thought.  For example in the situation above, "took" (which is the past tense of "take") is the verb, and "whales" is the subject.  To create a simple sentence, all we need to do is add a complete thought and we have a simple sentence.  Examples:

1)  The whales took deep breaths. 

2) The whales took the boats.

These are simple sentences, but also examples of independent clauses.  They can be part of longer and more complex sentences or they can stand on their own, "independent" of anything else.

The easiest way create a simple sentence is to have a subject and verb and reflect something about both, the thought of the sentence.  In the subject above, we can use different verbs to make complete sentences.  For examples, "The whales swim far."  A simple sentence using the same subject, but changing the very, it has all the components needed in a sentence.  Another example would be "The whales eat the sailors."

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A simple sentence, which is also known as a independent clause, contain both subject (person or object) and verb (action words), and also is in a form of expressing one's thought.

Here, I would give you a few examples:

  1. I (subject) love to study (verb) in the night
  2. Mark (subject) eats (verb) Kentucky Fried Chicken every Thursday
  3. Mr Lim (subject) likes to jog (verb) every weekend

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