How to make mathematics more interesting?How to design an innovative and entertaining magazine on mathematics with knowledge-oriented questions, riddles, puzzles, poems, crosswords etc.?

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nmmoritz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you're creating a "math magazine," then make sure you take into consideration your audience.  Different age-level students like different things.  One thing you could do in your magazine would be to interview a sampling of students- think of a question to ask- maybe one of the following, for example:

1.)  What is your opinion of math?

2.)  Did you use math today (in-school subject doesn't count)

You could even present a the same math problem to all the students you're interviewing, then ask them how they would go about solving it.

Students like to read what other students (especially ones they know) have to say.

My algebra students are ALWAYS asking, "When will I have to use this in my life?"  I've considered bringing in a few speakers, from different walks of life, different careers, etc., to have them talk to the students about how they use math on a daily basis.



litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the best way to make mathematics more interesting is to us real world application.  I used to have my students build bridges and towers, design landscaping and do other projects using math.  You can even make simple math facts entertaining by doing a puzzle.  For example, each number is a letter and when you solve all the problems it spells out a message.  You can also practice graphing by having students graph something that turns into a picture.

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree that finding a way to connect mathematics to everyday life or common interests can be really helpful.  One math teacher I knew used to bring in a bucket of sea shells.  The students picked their favorite and then found a way to draw it out using mathematical formulas and graph paper.  I've also seen math assignments that incorporated sporting events, like asking students to find specific ratios or statistics in the school football game that evening. 

jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You should try and try one day you can fly.....

Even you get the wrong answer you can try again. Its ok to copy from your friend but when you try it next time you will do it on your own. You will see the beauty. I have had this experience. When i was in high school trigonometry was so hard to me. I used to copy the answers of my friends and tried them along later times. finally i became very good in trigonometry.

lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that your ideas for a magazine full of "games" that require math skills and math-oriented thinking is a great idea, especially in the younger grades. Kids tend to like learning when it doesn't feel like learning. A book full of traditional story problems might be boring, but a story or a mystery which had the reader use math skills to solve the mystery might be just the ticket!

cornert07 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of websites that can make learning and teaching maths fun. I would recommend "". It is site that includes fun games as well as proper excercises. One of the best elements of the site is that it it competitve (there is a leaderboard for both schools and pupils)

The best thing is that it is free to sign up to and use.

shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Find a way for students to incorporate something they are interested in. When I was in high school, if a math teacher had let me work in something about baseball statistics I would have been a lot more engaged. Most of the things we do in math seem completely disconnected from our lives.

just-s | Student

thanks people. your'lls suggetions are helpful since i have tried a few from here and they really did help me!!

**if only i knew some of these earlier...but "beter late than never" :-).......thanks again.

vaaruni | Student

One of the way to make mathematics interesting is to relate the topic with real life applications. Explain the topic by taking examples from day-today life. For example :To Make children understand and remmeber Ascendind/descending order : It can be explain as given below                                              Ascending means to climb up or go higher from down(lower). In the same amnner to arrange the numbers in ascending order means arrange them from lower to higher or from larger to smaller. In the same way descending means comming down (from higher to lower) therefore arranging the numbers in descending order means arranging them from higher to lower or larger to lower. In Algebra solving equations regarding the  Age problems (Father and Son or Brothers - sisters etc.) explaind by taking the real ages of students Father and his age, and the digit problems by asking to say some number and explai.   Now for math mazine : Take few topics and explain easy way to understand and solve the problems. You may add some of trick for faster calculation, some projects related to the topics and some puzzles,quiz or interesting problems to solve        

From : Vaaruni

susdas | Student

Mathematics can be made more interesting in a lot of ways. But basically the ways differ to teachers and students.....

Mathematics is a very knowledgeable subject. It is very necessary to gain this cause it is needed in every step of life.

The students should take mathematics as an interesting subject and the teachers should make it an interesting subject.

ayeshanihal | Student

I hate maths because we have to learn those formulas.. so that is why i hate maths but maths is very interesting to learn that is what my farther says if u love maths then it will be easy for you..

thank you


ayeshanihal | Student

I like and hate maths... i like it because we dont have to study so much as the other subjects and hate it because i get less marks in it.This time I am trying hard to get nice marks in maths.


juniorsilvamath | Student

Contextualize the real-life problems for math, and you will notice how much it is interesting.

Tip film: Donald in MathMagic Land.

memofo | Student

if you dont know maths, youre screwed as far as earning any real money goes. but that's not really an incentive, more of a threat.

the incentive I use is that maths is pure escapism, like doing a really hard, but incredibly profitable crossword or sudoku puzzle. once you learn the rules, you can engage in all sorts of public discussions and sound like a complete, egocentric, self-servicing egghead.

hey, but guess what- let your inner egghead out of the closet. being a mathgeek is very definately the new cool! my daughter wanted to be a punk clothing designer- she wasn't too bad at that job, either. Now all she wants to do is math, math, more math. I even had to buy her an ipad to satisfy her appetite for maths.

hope this has been helpful.....memo

systemwave | Student

I used to hate math because no one really showed me what you can do with it.  It was also too bare bones and no one explained how beautiful it can be.

Consider fractals for instance.  Show the kind of art can be created with fractals including the 3D Mandelbulb.

Showed how the golden mean/ratio is part of every living thing or and how sacred geometry was used by Renaisance painters.


angel-girl | Student

try HeyMath! Simple but it helps students improve in their Math!

ycalderon21 | Student
Find a way to connect to the students every teacher/class has different kind of students. When I was in high school my teacher would let each one of us take a turn figuring out how we were going to learn.
kittmanch | Student

i luv maths...n ven u <3 automatically gets start luvin maths to make it interesting!!

shubhi4 | Student

maths can be easy by taking it as a fun


amit-shrwesta | Student

can maths ever become interesting^_^.......

Wow!Math is made interesting by any sorts of knowledge.Just make your mind free and try solving easy to complex problem one after another.At last , you feel that easy is more easy to solve and comlex is more challenging to solve.When challenging questions are rather solved then we feel very free and we automatically become happy which means it becomes interesting.

nonamerocks | Student

To be honest, I hate math. I always get a B in it. But I discovered that there is 1 thing that makes math so fun and interesting. That 1 thing is: There are A LOT of ways to solve a problem. If you don't know how to use that way, you can use the other way. If that way doesn't work, use the other! 

rajesh66 | Student

I think that we should never take stress and do maths daily along with some good music after a time interval break.We should make a thin copy and write all the formulas related all fields and the revise it during examination . If we also make tables to learn formulas and other definition it becomes easier. 

miceli99 | Student

Another website to check out is  There are great learning tools available and it is structured like a game. So there are badges to win and accomplishment patches etc. Also the user must solve 10 questions in a row on a certain topic before moving on. One mistake and it resets to 0 again. Along side of this program are instruction videos for each step of the way. He covers a lot of topics not just math. He has thousands of videos all about 10 min long and spans (mathematically) from 1+1=2 to calculus differential equations and linear algebra. He has 3 degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard. On a teacher's end students can add you as an instructor and you are able to process all kinds of data that allow you to teach not only as a group but know how to treat each student as an individual. Oh and it's all FREE!

just-s | Student

maybe i should try out those websites and try to make maths more interesting.....thanks!!

just-s | Student

can maths ever become interesting^_^.......