how to make an outline for demonstrative speech?to make a money origami heart for my demonstrative speech.

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Creation of an outline for a demonstration simply means recording the order of the steps involved in whatever you are demonstrating. Think about what you will be doing and the order in which you will be performing those actions; your outline is the written record of that process. If your instructions follow those of the link below, how would you change those instructions from a commentary style to an outline format?

Your first major point will be obtaining the materials. Do you need new notes or are old ones better for use with origami? Some currencies have different physical sizes of paper money - does it make any difference what size of paper bill you use? These considerations will be the points below your heading for the first step.

Proceed to make each major step of the process a major heading in your outline. The points below each heading will be the clarifications, the supporting directions that will allow for the correct folding to be done in that step, or the ways to verify that the folding has been done accurately.