how to make 3D model for cartesian plane for class 9

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In a 3-dimensional Cartesian co-ordinate system (x, y, and z), there are three planes: xy, xz, and yz.  You may likely be most familiar with the xy plane, as this is the plane that is most frequently used for 2-dimensional Cartesian systems.

In order to model a 3-d Cartesian system, you could use a cardboard box.  If you remove the top of the box, the front side of the box and the right side of the box, you will be left with one section of the eight sections created by the three  planes in Cartesian space: (+x+y+z, +x+y-z, +x-y-z, -x-y-z, +x-y+z, +x+y-z, -x+y-z, -x-y+z).


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