How to maintain a scrap book on all the civilizations.what should be included in scrap book of all civilizations,what pictures,drawings,notes and etc...should include?

Expert Answers
dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, to create and maintain portfolios (you defined as 'scrapbooks') of world civilizations you must first decide how the civilizations are to be categorized. For example, the portfolio could be designed by the civilization's date of origin/ time period or by continent. I suggest you design the scrapbook by time period. In that way you have the opportunity to categorize its social, economic, and political characteristics while being able to cross reference your material to any other civilizations you include in the scrapbook. In addition, you might want to begin by collecting information from the classic world civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Maya. As you progress your skills with regard to collecting data and research will help you in seeking out the lesser known civilizations of the world. to maintain your collecting you should utilize the ongoing research that archaeology offers to anyone studying historical origins. Their research is priceless to anyone who wants to keep their study of the ever changing evolution of world civilizations.