How is the main character of They Day They Came to Arrest the Book like or unlike a person or animal that you know.

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The novel The Day They Came to Arrest the Book by Nat Hentoff is a book which appeals to young adults and not-so-young adults alike. It concerns a fight or cause that the main protagonist has to undertake with reference to freedom, free speech and the freedom of the individual. It addresses themes including censorship, literature, education and moral autonomy.

So think about the qualities that are necessary in a gritty battle and then about the animals you know that match those characteristics-perseverance, commitment, bravery, resilience, stamina, robustness, curiosity, and a "nose" for the truth - or a good story/angle. Journalists and other whistle-blowers and truth-seekers have often been called "news-hounds" or even hyenas or "blood-hounds" or wolves! Getting any closer? Think about other animals that have persistence and a refusal to give up in the threat of intimidation.

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