Macbeth Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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How might Macbeth be responsible for Lady Macbeth's death? Use textual evidence to support this question.

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Remember that one of the thematic topics Macbeth centers on is this notion of ambition and how ambition can unravel a life and lead to destruction and downfall. This question is similar to asking how the three "weird sisters" are responsible for Macbeth's own death. They have introduced an idea of becoming king that sets him on a treacherous journey, committing violent act after violent act and sets his fate. Macbeth does this to (or for) Lady Macbeth. He writes her a letter, introduces the idea the witches have cast before him, forces her to think about becoming queen. And her own ambition takes hold. 

Lady Macbeth is strong, at first, even more...

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kavya--kammana | Student

how can macbeth be responsible??

it is lady macbeth who the only one responsible for her death. its her over selfishness, and she was greedy and this itself caused her death.