How is Macbeth relevant to us today/modern time /things reflected in Macbeth? and how can we make a 2009 modern adaption of Macbeth?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The theme of "power corrupts" is relevant in Macbeth as well as modern society.  Politicians from all walks of life and all narratives struggle with the same theme that MacBeth did.  In a recent group discussion, someone noted that the current case of Patti and Rod Blagojevich of Illinois carries some elements of Macbeth in terms of the coveting of power.  This is also seen in the acts of leaders who act against public interest for personal gain.  In American History, the actions of Richard Nixon and his desire to want to solidify power at all costs is reminiscent of Macbeth ideas.  Certainly, we can see smaller examples of people whose ambition knows no boundaries and seek to appropriate more and more in accordance to their own subjectivity.  In the attempt to refrain from excessive moralizing, I will only suggest that you examine situations of people seeking to exercise their own personal ambition with little regard for anything else.  In a modern adaptation of Macbeth, I think there is a Hollywood version that is being made.  In making a modern version, I think that there would be an equal emphasis on a character who seeks money and power, as both are critical elements in feeding a vision of desire.  In the play, the character sought only power, but I think the modern version would have to have the financial element present, in addition to the power component.

mickx | Student

I find the relevance of Macbeth in todays world by in which the book talks about how ambition overthrows moral. I think that this is relevant today because even in todays world amibtion still overthrows morals.

mr-adams | Student

The most prevelent, and several times stated, theme of Macbeth is "Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair". This is everywhere in society, from the seemingly upright member of the society (S. Carolina governor in July, sex scandal, ring a bell?) As well as seemingly untrustworthy or disgusting things being fair. (Go watch Dirty Jobs on the discovery channel. Those jobs are FOUL, but those people make BANK)