How Gaddafi was destroyed (in comparison to Shakespeare's Macbeth)?Was it through his own ego or ambition?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is where a fundamental problem lies in comparing Macbeth to Gadaffi.  He is still in power.  He hasn't gone anywhere.  He has not had the epiphany that Macbeth has experienced in terms of the illegitimacy of his power.  Gadaffi still believes that he is the victim of a campaign by the West.  He does not seem to be relenting, even when nearly everyone in the international community is awaiting his departure from office.  He is not destroyed.

This becomes the fundamental challenge that will be there in comparing Macbeth and Gadaffi.  It is because of this that a better comparison might be with their personalities and how they approach the issue of power.  One cannot really compare both of their characterizations because Macbeth was destroyed by his own ambition, something that he, himself, understood all too late.  Gadaffi is settling in for a while.  He is not leaving and even though the pressure of the world is on him, he does not seem that he is close to departing from office.