How does Lyddie respond to her injury in Lyddie?

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Lyddie does not want to stop working even after she gets hurt.

Factory work is a dangerous business. Lyddie is very good at her job, but even someone like Lyddie can get tired and careless. When this happens, the results can be deadly. Lyddie was hit in the head with a shuttle one day. Although she did not die, it was a serious accident and she was badly hurt.

Before she could think she was on the floor, blood pouring through the hair near her right temple . . . the shuttle, the blasted shuttle. She tried to rise, she needed to stop the loom, but Diana got there almost at once … (Ch. 13)

Even though Lyddie has been hurt, she does not want to go home because it is not quitting time. Money is very important to Lyddie. Although she is probably partially in shock, she is also just a very dedicated worker. Even with the speed up, Lyddie maintained her focus and managed four machines at once. She was one of the best workers.

Even when injured, Lyddie thinks about money. She does not want Diana to use her apron on the bleeding wound.

"How about your stomach? Do you feel sick?" Lyddie shook her head, then stopped. Any movement seemed to make the pain worse.

There was a sound of ripping cloth at Lyddie's ear. She opened her eyes.

"Your apron," Lyddie said. "Don't‐" Aprons cost money. (Ch. 13)

Lyddie is troubled by the incident. Diana takes her to her doctor friend. Lyddie is just happy that the doctor does not charge her for the visit.

The pain is terrible. Lyddie wishes she had some kind of painkiller. It is even hard to lie down, because it makes her head throb. After the incident, Lyddie goes back to work and works as hard as ever.

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