How is the theme of love portrayed in the book, It Takes a Village by Hillary Clinton?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Clinton shows love to be a universal experience, or one that exists outside of the subjective.  Implicit in the idea of how raising a child is a communal process is that love has to be shared and experienced in multiple manners.  Love is an external experience, one that lies outside of the subjective.  The concept of raising a child or experiencing the joys of family are realities that demand that one experience love in both subjective and external realities.  Clinton's argument is that love has to be shared with others and when it is, there shall be a return on that investment in the form of a self- actualized and emotionally sound child.  Clinton shows love of children to be something that takes on social and personal dimensions.  The family expression of love in the private or subjective realm is important, but Clinton argues that of equal importance is the community and the figures within it that nurture and reinforce the lessons coming from home.  In this, love is not a private experience, but rather an external one where sharing and offering up more than what one deposits will reveal itself to be a totalizing and psychologically sound experience.