How is love defined in Brave New Wolrd?

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From the government's point of view, love is being calm, kind, and extra friendly with everyone. Love does not mean life-long commitment or monogamy for sure. However strongly this ideal of free love is in the New World, Lenina shows her innate human side as she wonders about loving just one person. To Lenina, there are times when she wants to be with just one man because she doesn't have a natural desire to roam from person to person all of the time. She can sense that there is something missing in these casual and random relationships that participates in. It is overwhelming for her, though, to see the monogamous relationships of the reservation when she visits. She may have been able to learn more about monogamous relationships if she hadn't been so preoccupied with the stench natural stimuli that forces her into a drug-induced holiday. Lenina never finds her answer to love in the way that we may define it today. She goes back to her life and continues doing what she always did before. To this world, love is shared, not divided, separated or owned.

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