A Midsummer Night's Dream Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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How is love conveyed by language in a Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare? The essay topic we were given was 'How is love and humour conveyed in a Midsummer Night's Dream?'

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Then, to write an essay on this topic, you'd want to examine how each of the lovers speaks when referring to love and the beloved. This would include when they are in accord and when they are fighting (Titania and Oberon), and when they are in their right minds and not (the four young lovers, Titania with Bottom), and when they are pretending to be in love when they are not (the rude mechanicals in the play).

You'll find that the rude mechanicals speak of love in crude exaggeration.
Titania's language of love is richly imagistic; it communicates sensuality through its images, and implies sex even when not talking about it.
The young lovers show themselves to be fools for love; think of Helena saying she is Demetrius's "spaniel."

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