How is the loss of innocence a theme in the Lord of the Flies?

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Innocence is an important theme in the novel 'Lord of The Flies' by William Golding. It deals with the important nature/nurture argument in human psychology. Is man born 'iinnocent' and then polluted by evil elements in society? Or is he born with some degree of 'natural evil' himself? If the latter is true, then is it the case that those 'civilizing' elements of society must place conventions, limitations and barriers and sanctions on those who are not? Golding explores these ideas here in this novel. He looks at what would happen if these boundaries are not present and portrays the percieved anarchy that results.The boys discover their own capacity for selfishness,self-indulgence,cruelty and power-seeking. An interesting development would be to look at the degree to which boy loses innocence - what about Ralph? or Simon? or Piggy?

Look at the passage in the link for an exploration of innocence vs evil.

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