The distance between A and B is 900 km. How long does it take to go from A to B if a person walks: A) 5 km/h without stopping? B) 5 km/h for 10h each day? C) 1.5 m/s without stopping?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Average speed is the total distance traveled divided by the total time taken. SpeedĀ  = distance/time or time = distance /speed.

The distance from A to B is 900 km.

If a person walks from A to B at 5 km/h without stopping, the time taken to cover the distance is 900/5 = 180 hours.

If a person walks at 5 km/h for 10 h each day, the number of days required to cover the distance is 900/50 = 18 days.

If a person walks at 1.5 m/s without stopping the time taken to cover the distance is 900*1000/1.5 = 600000 seconds.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Since you've not provided anything about the direction of moving, but the average speed, we can determine the time of travel:

We'll recall the formula that gives the time when we know the distance and the average speed:

total time = total distance walked/v av.

total time = 900Km/5Km/h

total time = 180 hours

If the person walks 5Km/h, 10h/day, we'll get:


x km...............10h

We'll apply the rule of 3, to get the number of km traveled in 10 hours.

x = 5*10 = 50Km

The person walks from A to B within 900/50 = 18 days.

To determine the time of travel if the average speed is of 1.5m/s, we'll convert the 900Km into meters => 900Km = 900*1000= 9*10^5 m

total time = 9*10^5 m/1.5 m/s

total time = 9*10^6/15

total time = 3*10^6/5

total time = 6*10^5 s