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by Rodman Philbrick

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How long was Killer Kane's original sentence in jail?

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Max's father, Kenny "Killer" Kane, went to prison shortly after Max's birth. Kenny was imprisoned for the murder of Max's mother, Annie, and Max has spent his entire life metaphorically looking over his shoulder, waiting for the day his father would return and come looking for him.

Killer Kane's original jail sentence was actually life in prison. Max learns, however, that this jail sentence does not actually means what it says. Max, along with Grim and Gram, learn that Kane will be released on parole after only serving eight years in prison. Grim and Gram are understandably terrified, and Max has a breakdown at school when he learns the news.

Killer Kane shows up on Christmas Eve and kidnaps Max, violating a restraining order that Grim had wisely gotten. By the time the police re-arrest him, Kane is booked for violation of parole and the restraining order, kidnapping, and two counts of attempted murder. This time, he returns to jail to serve a true life sentence--without parole.

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