How long was Killer Kane in jail?

Killer Kane was in jail for eight years before he was released on parole. After violating his parole and committing several serious crimes, he is arrested and sent back to prison to serve his original sentence of life in prison plus ten additional years.

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Although he was originally sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife, Kenneth "Kenny" David Kane, better known as Killer Kane, is released from prison on parole after serving just eight years behind bars.

This is disturbing news to Max, who has spent his whole life fearing his father's return. When Killer Kane finally does show up on Christmas Eve, Max's fears come true. His father kidnaps him with the intention of training him in a life of crime. However, things do not go as planned for Killer Kane. After trying to strangle both Loretta and Max, Freak comes to their rescue and subdues him with a water gun full of soap, curry powder, and vinegar. The boys and Loretta make a narrow escape. They all run outside to where the police are gathered, and Killer Kane is quickly arrested.

Because he violated his parole, broke a restraining order, committed kidnapping, and attempted to kill Max and Loretta, Killer Kane finds himself back in jail to serve the rest of his life sentence plus ten additional years. Max can now finally feel safe for the first time in his life, knowing that his father will never be released from prison again.

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