How long was Janie married to Logan in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

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While the timing is not precisely stated (because the novel describes seasons rather than months), clues throughout chapters 2–4 indicate that Janie's marriage to Logan Killicks lasted between one year and fifteen months.

Chapter 2 describes the days that precipitated this marriage. This chain of events begins on "a spring afternoon in West Florida," when sixteen-year-old Janie experiences an emotional and sexual awakening watching the bees pollinate a pear tree; upon walking home, she notices her new attraction to a local boy named Johnny Taylor. Her grandmother, known by Janie simply as Nanny, sees Janie and Johnny kissing over a fence. Confronting Janie about the kiss, Nanny expresses an intense fear that Janie might be exploited and victimized by men in the same manner that her mother was. Nanny is concerned that she is too old to be able to protect Janie much longer and demands that Janie secure her safety now through marriage to Logan Killicks.

Chapter 3 outlines the beginning of the...

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