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In the Christian calendar, Lent refers to the period before Easter, and it is usually a six-week (40 days) long observation, before the Easter celebrations. There might be variations among the different Christian denominations. However, the activities of Lent tend to be similar. The beginning of the observation may be different; for instance, Catholics begin observing Lent on Ash Wednesday, with the activity lasting till Holly Thursday. For Protestants, Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. Celebrating Lent is a common practice among Christians, and during the period, it is a time of self-reflection on personal life. The main idea is to live a Godly life in the days gearing up to Easter. Similarly, Lent is characterized by fasting and giving up on leisurely activities such as watching television. Charitable activities might also be adopted during such times. These might be visiting orphanages and giving out food and clothing to the destitute.

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