Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

by Judy Blume

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How long is Judy Blume's book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

Expert Answers

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is a fairly short young reader's chapter book written by Judy Blume. It's only 10 chapters and 75 pages long. It is recommended for 3rd through 6th graders due to level of vocabulary and the easy-to-follow story line. When reading the book for class, it may take a student two weeks to carefully read the book while following the lesson plans.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is a story about a strained relationship between two brothers that a 3rd through 6th grader can easily follow and relate to. The main character, Peter, is upset because his two-year-old brother, nicknamed Fudge, gets all the attention in the household just because Fudge is a troublemaker. Fudge causes trouble everywhere he goes, including knocking out his two front teeth when deliberately jumping off the jungle gym at the park, scribbling all over a poster Peter had made with his classmates for a school project, throwing a temper tantrum at a shoe store, and many other mischievous deeds. What Peter hates most is that his parents frequently use Peter to distract Fudge into doing as he's told to do. Being used and treated as unimportant make Peter feel like a "fourth grade nothing."

The book may challenge readers' vocabulary, teaching them new words. New vocabulary words might include announced, brilliant, commercial, combination, complained, impressed, mugged, monkey business, and pastimes, among many others.

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