In the James Hurst short story, "The Scarlet Ibis," how long does it take the narrator to teach Doodle to walk?

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In the James Hurst short story, "The Scarlet Ibis," there is no clearly established length of time indicating how exactly how long it took the narrator to teach Doodle how to walk. However, we do know that, "...every day that summer..." the narrator took Doodle to Old Woman Swamp to practice and that he, "...put him [Doodle] on his feet at least a hundred times each afternoon." The narrator also tells us that, "...finally, after many weeks of practicing, Doodle stood alone." We can imagine that they would have continued practicing until they revealed it to the family, but even after that it was, "...a few months, [before] Doodle had learned to walk well and his go-cart was put up in the barn." Altogether, one could safely infer that it took six months or more for Doodle to learn how to walk.

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