How long does it take for water/liquids to pass through your body?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Water is removed from human body through three main processes. These are urination, sweating, and breathing. Some water also passes out of body with stools also. Through these processes, particularly the breathing, the body continuously releases some amount of water.  But it is important to note that body always contains considerable amount of water, and it is not possible to completely remove all the water from it. Also it is not possible to remove specifically the water we consume at a particular time completely from the body. What actually happens is that our water intake increases the water content of the body which is gradually brought down as some of the water is removed from the body.

The rate at which the water level in the body, and particularly in the blood, is reduced by urination, sweating, and breathing depends on many factors including, the absolute level of water in the body, extent of efforts exerted by the body, environmental temperature, and health of body, particularly in respect of urination and sweating system.

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