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How long does a neutrophil contnue to live after it eats and destroys an microorganism ? Yes, Does a neutrophil live long enough to eat and destroy other microorganisms ?

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A neutrophil is a granulocyte that contains granules. These granules are composed of primary,secondary granules, and tertiary granules. The granules perform specific tasks that perform what is known as chemotxis and then apoptosis. Once they migrate to an area, they begin to perform microbial death by enzymes known as bacteriocidal protein index. This allows them to attach and ingest the bacteria. This event occurs quickly, but biochemical action takes place next. The other enzymes contained in the granules contain defensins and cathepsin that will start to degrade and stun the bacteria. This action takes no longer than approximately 12 hours, which is the circulating life of the neutrophil. The neutrophils are assisted by monocytes, which assist in engulfing of microbial organisms.

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