The Masque of the Red Death Questions and Answers
by Edgar Allan Poe

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How long does it take for some one to die from the red death?

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In all, it takes about half and hour to die from the red death. This doesn't sound like a particularly long time, but for those poor unfortunate souls afflicted with this diabolical disease, it must seem like an eternity.

First of all, those infected by this deadly plague experience sharp pains and sudden dizziness. Then blood starts oozing from every pore, causing large scarlet blood stains to form all over the body, especially upon the victim's face. (This is how the red death got its name).

As one can imagine, it's a truly horrifying spectacle to have to see someone in such a terrible state. But whatever pity or sympathy one may have for the victims, there's absolutely nothing that can be done for them. And after half and hour of seizure, progress, and termination of the disease, the victim lies red and dead.

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