How Long Do The Planets Take To Go Around The Sun?

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There is a tremendous variation among the planets in the time it takes to complete a single revolution around the sun. For planets that are closer to the sun than Earth is, a year is shorter than an Earth year; for planets that are farther from the sun than Earth is, a year is longer than an Earth year.

Planet Period of revolution
Earth days Earth years
Mercury 88 0.24
Venus 224.7 0.62
Earth 365.26 1.00
Mars 687 1.88
Jupiter 4,332.6 11.86
Saturn 10,759.2 29.46
Uranus 30,685.4 84.01
Neptune 60,189 164.8
Pluto 90,777.6 248.53

Sources: The Guinness Book of Answers, 8th ed., p. 13; Pasachoff, Jay M. Contemporary Astronomy, p. A6.

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