I need help with how to write an outline for a 4-page essay describing a motivational problem that hinders goal attainment in business.

Expert Answers
wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The first step is to state a real motivational problem, one that businesses encounter frequently; then describe it by outlining three or more elements of a proposed solution. I suggest looking at the always perplexing problem of motivating the employee to excel not because of a measurable reward (bonus, recognition, etc.) but because the employee understands and shares the company’s abstract ideals – of course, profit and long life are always a company’s goals, but what does the company exist for? What is the company’s place in the social and/or cultural milieu where it does business? Safety, health, education, international peace? Three areas must be articulated and argued in your essay: First, a statement of those reasons for existence in a formal document on record; second, a clear statement of those goals distributed to all the employees (memos, yes, but also daily reminders in the form of slogans, bulletin boards, and similar communications); finally a system to periodically evaluate the adherence to and effectiveness of those goals. Start you essay with a statement of the abstract idea, then invent or record a real situation where these three steps are carried out and result in a more successful business. Motivation is mental (an old adage).