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How long, over what distance, can an once of pure gold be stretched?

kquinn14 | Student

14001995 km

william1941 | Student

Gold has for a long time been a metal the properties of which have made it so appealing to people that it has been the reason behind hundreds of wars over the centuries. Some of the properties of gold that make it a very unique metal include its inertness, its beauty and the hundreds of industrial applications it has. Many of these have to do with the fact that gold is the metal which has the highest ductility and malleability.

The extremely high ductility of gold allows a wire that is 3.2 km long to be drawn from just one gram of gold. So the length of wire that can be drawn using an ounce of gold would be approximately 91 km.

A 91 km long wire can be drawn with 1 ounce or 28 grams of gold.

mkcapen1 | Student

Gold is very flexible and can be stretched out to 50 miles per ounce.  The wire would be very fine.  Since gold has such a soft flexible ability it is often mixed or coated over other material in order to give it strength.

Gold is a very soft metal that was once thought to be a waste for any practical use.  However, since it had such a beautiful presence it was believed to be a gift from the god of the sun.  The beauty and ability to make ornamentation with it led to making gold highly important.

Gold can be found in old books where it had been grounded into inks that were used by monks to ornate lettering in the handwritten books.