How long was Benjamin Franklin in office and what position did he hold?

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Benjamin Franklin spent most of his adult life in the political realm and held many titles and offices.  He was a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly and the Second Continental Congress.  He also served on the committees that penned the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  Despite these glorious positions, his most important office was probably as the diplomat to France.  He served in this capacity between 1776 and 1783.  Despite having a tough time speaking the French language, he was very popular in the European country.  It was his work as a diplomat that convinced France that it should support the American rebellion with England.  France sent troops and loaned money to the colonists as a result of the 1778 Treaty of Alliance that Franklin convinced France to sign.  The treaty ultimately helped the United States defeat England, and Franklin was on hand when the Treaty of Paris (1783) was signed that ended the conflict.  

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