How is Linda's name ironic?We know that Linda means "beautiful" but I need more of an explanation that is more in depth.

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kristenfusaro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Linda's name is ironic because it contrasts what Linda has become. Because Linda had a sexual affair with the director and mistakenly became pregnant by it, she was shunned from the World State and forced to live on the Reservation.

After she moved to the Reservation, Linda was still so accustomed to the common and proper behaviors of World State that she could not acculturate onto the Reservation, thus making crucial cultural errors. She began having affairs with many of the men on the Reservation, causing dismay and chaos to a culture that followed the traditional marriage laws. As a result of this, she was often beaten by the women whose husbands she had slept with, making her physically unattractive.

Linda was also accustomed to occassionally taking a Soma-holiday. Being on the Reservation, she did not have access to Soma and became addicted to the traditional drugs of the Reservation, which had more evident effects on her physical appearance and her mental abilities.

She also lost control of what and when she ate, becoming extremely overweight.

Overall, Linda's name means beautiful, but by the novel, she was far from it. She was depressed, physically run-down, she shunned her son, and was considered an abomination by both the World State, her native home, and the Reservation, where she lived.

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