In Death of a Salesman, how would you describe Linda's attitude towards Willy at the beginning of Act II?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The music which opens Act II certainly sets the mood as we are introduced to a cheerful and happy scene as Willy and Linda have breakfast. It reminds us that they are in an optimistic mood as they contemplate a new business which will make them all happy and might solve all of their problems. Linda here plays the role of the devoted wife, showing her love and care of her husband. She gently reminds him about asking for an advance, which shows that she is still concerned about the financial situation they are in, and perhaps indicates that she is more responsible than he is when it comes to their monetary affairs.

It is as Willy leaves that Linda checks he has his glasses, gives him a handkerchief and also checks he has his saccharine, which again emphasises her loving, devoted wifely role that she fulfils. What is interesting to note is that as she kisses Willy goodbye, he spots a silk stocking hanging from her hand, which to Willy, is a symbol of his infidelity. His shame and guilt is therefore heightened by this symbol being placed next to such examples of wifely love and affection from Linda.

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