How does Linda treat Willy? How do the boys feel about Willy? Why does Biff come home in spring?

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There is certainly a divergence of opinion regarding Willy Loman, particularly among his family members.

While Linda is tolerant of Willy's faults, Biff and Happy (Willy's sons) have a more contentious relationship with their father. At the beginning of the play, Willy is irritable and behaves unreasonably. He feels frustrated at life in general. Additionally, his eldest son, Biff, hasn't made anything of himself. At the age of 34, Biff is still drifting from job to job. Biff's failure mirrors Willy's own, and this compounds Willy's sense of defeat. Linda indulges Willy's dark mood with "infinite patience." She mollycoddles Willy and treats him as a fragile, broken man. In truth, Linda feels trapped, and it is only her guilt that leads her to indulge Willy's dysfunctional behavior.

WILLY: They should’ve arrested the builder for cutting those down. They massacred the neighborhood...

LINDA: Well, after all, people had to move somewhere.

WILLY: No, there’s more people now.

LINDA: I don’t...

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