The City of Ember

by Jeanne DuPrau

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How is Lina Mayfleet depicted as a caring person in Jeanne DuPrau's book The City of Ember?

In The City of Ember, Lina Mayfleet (the protagonist) is depicted as a loving person because of her love for her family and for humanity in general.

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In Jeanne DuPrau's The City of Ember, Lina Mayfleet is depicted as a caring person with respect to how much she loves her baby sister and all the people around her.

In chapter 2, when the reader first meets Poppy, the reader is informed that Lina's father died of the "coughing sickness," and her mother died only a few months later while "giving birth to Poppy." As a result, Lina's grandmother and Poppy are all the family Lina has left in the world. Lina describes her love for her sister as being so strong that it felt "like an ache under her ribs." Because of her love for Poppy, Lina is terrified of anything happening to Poppy, as we see when her grandmother absentmindedly leaves Poppy alone in the yarn store, when Poppy goes missing during the great seven-minute blackout, and when Lina decides to bring Poppy with her and Doon as they explore the way out of Ember, thinking it is the only way to keep Poppy safe.

Also in chapter 2, during her first day as a messenger, she reflects how much she loves the job, and her love for her job reflects her love for humanity at large:

Running made her feel strong and big-hearted, it made her love the places she ran through and the people whose messages she delivered. She wished she could bring all of them the good news they so desperately wanted to hear (Chapter 2).

In other words, her job as a messenger makes her feel connected to people, and her desire to feel connected to people and to make them happy shows us just what a genuinely caring person she is.

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