How are language and communication central themes in Much Ado About Nothing? What are three examples of the importances of language and communication?

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Communication is a central theme in this play, shown through the miscommunication between Hero and Claudio. Claudio is tricked by Don John into thinking Hero is unfaithful. Don John shows Claudio an encounter between Borachio and Margaret, claiming Margaret is Hero. Claudio chooses to disgrace Hero at the altar, choosing to believe his eyes over her words. He does not listen to her protests. It is not until Borachio confesses his part in the deception that Claudio believes in Hero's innocence. We should also note that Borachio's confession comes from his guilt over hearing of Hero's death. However, Hero is not actually dead, so this is another deception in the play. Hero is presented to Claudio in the final scene masked, and when she lifts her disguise thus ends the final deception in the play.

Shakespeare plays with language in this play. Beatrice and Benedick often engage in a battle of wits, using language in their jests. Although they are two of the most famous examples of...

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