How is Lady Macbeth presented in the beginning, middle and end and how is she similar to Jack in Lord of the flies?

Expert Answers
missjgoodwin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the outset of the play, we see that Lady Macbeth seems to be simply supporting her husband. A cold and calculating side of her character is revealed as she pushes Macbeth to murder Duncan, but she retains a small sliver of her humanity when she admits that she was unable to kill Duncan herself because he looked so much like her own father. After the murder of Duncan, she holds control for a short period of time as she frames the attendants for the murder and then covers for Macbeth when he hallucinates at the banquet. Once we learn that Macbeth has ordered the murder of Banquo and Fleance and kept this a secret from his wife, it is clear that Lady Macbeth no longer has any control. She then begins her spiral into guilt and depression. She begins to sleep walk, hallucinate blood on her hands and eventually, suffering a severe lack of support from her husband, takes her own life. For Lady Macbeth, the journey is ultimately about control, her success when she has control and her rapid downward spiral when control is taken from her.

Jack is much the same in terms of his need for control. Initially, his age gives him control over the other boys. However, as he begins to lose his control, his behaviour becomes increasingly desperate. Like Lady Macbeth descending into sleepwalking and hallucination, Jack descends into an almost inhumane level of savagery.