Pride and Prejudice Questions and Answers
by Jane Austen

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In Pride and Prejudice, could Lady Catherine de Bourgh be considered an aristocratic version of Mrs. Bennet?

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Lady Catherine de Bourgh shares a few similarities with Mrs. Bennet in that both women want to marry off their daughters, they want to marry them well, and they do share the same preoccupation that, being mothers of females, their daughters will never attain social equality nor any form of advancement unless they are married to someone who can make them come to some property, and status.

However, they are not as similar in that Lady Catherine seems vindictive just for the sake of class, while Mrs. Bennet's main source of concern or detestation for the aristocracy comes only through her personal dislike towards Darcy. Darcy, however, earned this specific dislike from Mrs. Bennet because he was doing everything in his power to become disliked.

Hence, both women have same social preoccupations but Lady Catherine is by far less like-able than Mrs. Bennet-although Mrs. Bennet is not exactly a character that we could tolerate reading about as a main character in any story for her tendency to talk...

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