How Is Krebs An Example Of An Antihero

How is Krebs an example of an antihero in "Soldier's Home"?

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The term antihero is often used in terms of very unique type of figure. Typically the antihero is a character who lacks heroic qualities, but they might also be characters who bear all of the qualities of a traditional hero but are oriented toward an unworthy goal. Christopher Marlowe popularized the second type in his tragedies. Tamburlaine and Faustus, for instance, have tremendous ambition; they throw themselves into their endeavors wholeheartedly, and they stand apart from others. The antihero will stay committed even to the end and speak with a force that displays an intellectual and rhetorical superiority. The same is true of Milton's Satan, who offers an amazing display of epic heroic qualities in the first two books of Paradise Lost. In the Romantic period, Byron's Don Juan might fill that same role. These are appealing protagonists, but they are not exactly heroes in that they do not embrace the cultural values deemed appropriate.

Krebs, like many Modern protagonists, lacks the...

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