How is The Koran a guideline for Muslims?How is The Koran a guideline for Muslims?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most direct answer here is that The Koran, or Qur 'an, forms the basis of the Muslim faith, the religion of Islam.  It helps guide Muslims in providing the basis of what constitutes a spiritual life and how one can devote themselves to the will of Allah, the supreme divinity for Muslims.  The text discusses both spiritual salvation as well as daily practice for Muslims.  In this light, the book is a guideline because of its understanding of how to address transcendental needs that exist in religious pilgrims as well as the practices of how one should live their lives on a more "mortal" plane of consciousness.  Along these lines, the book helps to detail where the balance lies between individual free will and divine predestination.  In constructing a realm where both extremes are unified, the holy text provides the ultimate set of guidelines to its followers in ensuring that individuals understand their identity and how they are to live their lives.

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